Materials Refill Kit


Do you already have patterns and instructions for one or more of The Shoe Camaraderie sandal styles? If so, you can now buy this refill kit to make your sandals again, but in a different colour!


To celebrate the upcoming festive season, limited edition colours are available for the kits! Please note that these options are extremely limited in supply so the specific colour range may only be available as a once off.


  • Leather for shoe upper (in chosen colour)
  • EVA high density midsole material @ 4mm thickness
  • Resin/rubber pre-cut heel pieces @ 6mm height
  • Resin/rubber pre-cut outsoles @ 3mm thickness (accommodates women’s sizes 6-12. Larger soles can be arranged via email)
  • Leather rand
  • Buckles (if needed - based off chosen style)
  • Laces (if needed - based off chosen style)
  • Needle & thread (if needed - based off chosen style)
  • Shoe glue & brushes

Items you will need to source:

  • Heavy duty scissors (for cutting leather)
  • Masking tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Paper or light cardboard
  • Metal ruler
  • Gas lighter (to melt the wax thread)
  • Cutting mat
  • Shears or pliers for cutting through soling material & heels

Important exclusion:

The final step of sandal making is to smooth the edges of your soles. This can be done using a sanding belt or a metal file. You can either purchase both items from your local tool store, or you can take your formed sandals to a shoe repairer to do the final sanding/smoothing. This should be an inexpensive option.

Sizing info:

You do not need to choose a size for this kit as the patterns and instructions accommodate any size.