Make your own custom-fit sandals in a DIY kit or at the one-day sandal making workshop! 

The Shoe Camaraderie aims to offer an opportunity for learning and connection through the shared experience of shoemaking. It has been created for anyone interested in making their own footwear, either as a once off fun project, or as the initial step in a long-term pursuit. 

Whether attending the one-day sandal making workshop, or using the DIY sandal making kit, The Shoe Camaraderie’s simplified processes make it the perfect introductory platform for creating handmade footwear. By focusing on sandals rather than closed-toe dress shoes, both the workshops and kits can ensure that the participants have the highest chance of initial success, as well as gain exposure to a range of useful shoe making techniques. 

In addition to increasing accessibility to the shoemaking process, The Shoe Camaraderie sets out to provide an opportunity to deepen appreciation for handmade goods, particularly those that are worn every day.

"Through understanding how goods are made, the value of those goods can be attributed more accurately and fairly. In doing this, we are promoting greater care and a longer life-span, and in turn, discouraging throw-away consumerism." - Lisa Turnbull