Carmen PDF Files & Video Tutorials


Hello and welcome to your e-materials for The Carmen Sandal.

RELEASE DATE: 15th October 2020 - woohoo! 

Thank you so much for keeping this little biz alive and for all your support so it can continue to grow and improve it's offering! 

Just a quick note on usage... These resources have been created for personal use only. Please do not share these materials, but instead direct any interested parties to the online store. In the event that you intend on sharing your makes on a business platform, be sure to familiarise yourself with The Shoe Camaraderie's T&C's

Thank you again!

Your fellow shoemaker and shoemaking supporter,

Lisa x


PDF Files - Available as of 15th October 2020

To get started, please download your PDF Files:

These files consist of your patterns, instructional booklet and some other useful resources.


Request Feedback

If you would like some feedback, please feel free to send through work-in-progress photos!

There are two ideal stages for this:

1. Insole template - once you have made this, please place your feet on the template and take a photo from the top, looking down. 

2. Formed uppers (before you start attaching the rand) - once you have formed your uppers, place your feet into position and take a photo from the top, looking down. 

You can also take some additional photos from the sides to help! The more info the better.

At both stages it is easy to see if there are small adjustments that can be made to ensure the fit and look as great as it can be!


Video Tutorials - Available as of 15th October 2020