Terms & Conditions

Refunds | The Sandal Making Kits

In the event that the materials are faulty or get damaged during delivery, a replacement set will be sent out at no additional cost. Please notify The Shoe Camaraderie within 7 days of receiving the parcel with accompanying images.

The Sandal Making Kit has been designed for beginners and whilst the step by step guide is extremely thorough, this alone does not guarantee the successful outcome of your sandals. Purchasing The Sandal Making Kit does not come with a guarantee of perfect work. However, the kit does come with sufficient guides and learning materials to provide each maker the best chance of successful outcomes.

In the event that the materials provided get mis-used during the making process, you can purchase a second batch of materials from The Shoe Camaraderie via email. It is recommended that you test run the process using practice materials, i.e paper, canvas, cardboard, etc.

Please ensure you have read through all the information on The Kits page prior to purchase, as well as the Terms and Conditions set out here. It is important that you are fully informed of all inclusions and exclusions, as well as appropriate use of provided materials.

Refunds | The Specialty Tools Kit 

The tools provided in The Specialty Tools Kit are the basic hand-tools required for some of the styles available. Not all the styles on offer for The Sandal Making Kits will require the use of these hand-tools. The two types of kits have been kept separate for this reason. The Specialty Tools Kit is non-refundable, but in the event that the any of the tools are faulty or damaged during transit, a replacement set will be sent out at no additional cost. Please notify The Shoe Camaraderie within 7 days of receiving The Specialty Tools Kit with accompanying images to organise for a replacement.

Refunds | Gift Cards

Gift cards are non-refundable. They can be used for up to 12 months, but if you exceed this time period, just email lisa@theshoecamaraderie.com to organise an extension. All gift cards are sent digitally to the provided email address at time of checkout. 

Resource Usage | Patterns & Instructional Materials

Each sandal making kit provides access to e-materials comprised of patterns, instructions, video lessons, and other relevant files. These digital materials are non-refundable. In the event that you have purchased a kit, and would like a refund, only the material component will be refunded.

All resources have been created by Lisa Turnbull from The Shoe Camaraderie, and are for personal use only. E-materials - patterns, instructional booklet, video lessons and other relevant provide files - are not to be used or reproduced for commercial purposes.

Resource Usage | Sandal Designs

All available sandal styles have been designed by Lisa Turnbull from The Shoe Camaraderie. These styles are not to be replicated or used for commercial purposes.