Terms of Use

The Shoe Camaraderie kits are intended for personal use only. This is a small business that relies on the sale of its good and services to maintain operating, as well as to grow and continue improving its offering.

As the resources created for the product/service took a great deal of time and effort, please do not share these resources, but instead direct those who are interested in using the resources to the online store. 

In order to share the styles and/or parts of the process on a business platform, or for commercial use, prior approval needs to be granted by Lisa Turnbull as based on agreed terms of usage. 

Resource Usage | Patterns & Instructional Materials

All resources have been created by Lisa Turnbull for The Shoe Camaraderie kits, and are intended for personal use only. These resources (E-materials) include the patterns, instructional booklet (including all wording and illustrations), video lessons, insole templates, and glossary of terms, as well as any other relevant provided files that are included as part of the kits. These resources are not for reproduction and commercial use*, without approval by Lisa Turnbull. 

Resource Usage | Sandal Designs

All available sandal styles have been designed by Lisa Turnbull for The Shoe Camaraderie and are for personal use only. These styles are not for commercial use* and reproduction, without approval by Lisa Turnbull. 

* Definition of Commercial Use

The use of product and/or resources provided by The Shoe Camaraderie of any persons for any fare, fee, rate, charge or other consideration, directly or indirectly in connection with any business, or other undertaking intended for profit. This includes the referral of business.