Workshop | 8th February 2020



Workshop location: Mast Furniture workshop space, Virginia (address provided closer to the class date)
Class capacity: approx. 4 participants
Start: 9.45am
Finish: approx. 5.30pm (depending on style chosen)

All materials provided + wine & cheese platter to finish!

This class is for beginners. It is perfect for anyone who loves the idea of spending an entire day crafting! Shoemaking can be a long process so patience and enthusiasm make for a wonderful day.


Choose from one of the twelve available sandal options to make during your class! 

Workshop preparation:

Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your workshop date, you will receive a style guide to choose from, as well as instructions on how to measure your feet. You will be given 5 days to complete the form. The information provide via the form will be used in preparing your materials for the class.


The morning half of the day is the most intensive as you move through a range of steps such as glueing to prepare the soles and heels, tracing & cutting the leather, attaching buckles, a small amount of hand-stitching and then finally assembling the pieces. Each step is easy, but there are lots of them. Enjoying the tea or coffee provided is the perfect companion during this stage!

After our lunch break, the second half of the day involves forming the shape of the sandals by lasting the upper (the top part of the shoe), attaching the rand (the stitched border) and then attaching the soles and heels. Once everyone’s heels are attached, the soles are smoothed with a sanding machine by the class facilitator. It is during this time that you can start relaxing into the end of the class with wine and cheese.

Please read through the Terms & Conditions prior to booking.