E-Materials (only)


The E-Materials for each style consist of the relevant patterns/templates, instructional booklet and video lessons, as well as a checklist for items needed, and a glossary of relevant terms. 

Once you have purchased your e-materials, you will be sent a link enabling access. Please allow for  up to 12 hours for this. 

Why purchase the e-materials?

  • You already have alternative materials that you can make the sandals with.
  • You can access your own set of materials from a local supplier.
  • You may want to invest in the instructions before the entire kit so as to get a sense of what is involved and play around using scrap materials at home first.  

Included (per style):

  • PDF Patterns (all sizes)
  • Instructional e-booklet with illustrations (40-60 A4 pages based on chosen style)
  • Accompanying video lessons
  • PDF insole templates
  • Materials and tools checklist
  • Glossary of relevant terms use throughout the instructional e-booklet


*This is a non-refundable product.